Pickup Instructions

These Pickup instructions will also be sent to your cell via text for your convenience upon landing.

Go TeSLC is licensed with the Salt Lake Airport Authority to pickup in the First Lane, directly downstairs from Baggage Claim.

For ALL Flights arriving at the new SLC Terminal:

Please text the driver immediately upon touchdown on the runway.  This will help the driver determine when you will be ready for pickup.  If you have Checked Baggage, the timing will be approximately 25 to 30 minutes after you land that you will be outside and the driver will be ready for you at the curb.  If you only have carry-ons bags, it will be 20 to 25 minutes before you arrive outside on the curb.  The driver will meet you on the Ground Level at Pillar 3A, 4A, or 5A, depending on  the amount of traffic at the airport.  We will pull as far forward as possible. This is typically 5A.

Emergency Contact # is (801) 953-2032.